Friday, 26 September 2014

Financiers Ronds

Yes, my financiers will not resemble bar of gold as the traditional mini cakes. This won't make them less attractive and delicious. 

Financiers are delicious and moist French small cakes that are made with melted chocolate, instead of cocoa powder - therefore the light and moist texture. Required ingredients for traditional Financiers' making are almonds and egg whites. But the most important feature is "toasted" butter. The presence of beurre noisette is an important addition to the almonds in the recipe, as it enhances the nutty flavouring.

We already toasted a butter once for the rustic buttergipfel.

Financiers Ronds

For the Financiers I used small tartelette pans.

for the financiers:

150 g butter
160 g dark chocolate
100 g confectioners' sugar
120 g ground almonds
50 g all purpose flour
5 egg whites

for the nut topping:

50 g hazelnuts, blanched and chopped
25 g pistachio
25 g walnuts, chopped
50 g almonds, shaved

Cook the butter at medium heat to a stage where its colour looks a lot like amber. The butter should be watched closely as it could be burned very easily. Strain through a fine sieve. Leave it to cool at room temperature. Use it warm.

Chop the chocolate and melt it over a bain-marie. Set aside

Place the ground almonds in a bowl. Sift over the confectioners' sugar and the flour.

Slightly whisk the egg whites. Add them to the dry ingredients. Stir with a wooden spoon.

Add the butter. Make sure it is not hot, but warm. Stir.

Add the chocolate and stir to homogenize well.

Combine the nuts for the topping.

Spoon the batter in the tartelette pans. Smooth it with a small palette knife.

Sprinkle the nuts over and slightly press them to the batter.

Bake at 210°C for about 10-15 min or until ready (check with a wooden spoon). Let them cool in the pans for few minutes and then transfer them on a wire rack.

Serve at room temperature.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Raspberry Red Velvet Cupcakes

These cupcakes are made with raspberry purée, which enhances the acidity and is a perfect touch to the cream-cheese frosting. I used lemon juice in the cupcakes, instead of vinegar, because it is a perfect partner to the raspberries. The quantity of the lemon juice is just enough, that to add an additional acidulation to the raspberry purée and to reacts with the casein in the milk.

Yes, this project is not all about the delicious cupcakes, but science as well. My little one is in love with science - she has a nice science kit and always pretends that she makes experiments. Today, we decided to turn this cupcake decorating into a fun science project, that results a perfect Raspberry Red Velvet Cupcake.

for the raspberry purée

25 ml water
30g sugar
250 g raspberries - frozen
1tsp lemon juice

Place the raspberries in a blender. Let them stay at room temperature for an hour until slightly defrost. Bring the water and the sugar to a boil. Add the syrup and the lemon juice to the blender. Blitz to a smooth purée and pass through a sieve. Keep in the refrigerator until needed.

for the cupcakes:
(makes 12)

170 ml milk
1 tsp lemon juice freshly squeezed
1 egg
110 ml corn oil
1 tsp raspberry purée

170 g sugar

170 g flour
1/2 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp cocoa powder
pinch of salt

Line a baking cupcake dish with paper cups. Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Add the lemon juice to the milk. Stir and let it stay until you scale and prepare other ingredients. Do not freak out with the consistency of the milk mixture. This chemical reaction (the curdling) is intentional. The acid is enough to make casein cells meet together but not as much to cause vast separation. We are not making cheese here.

In a working bowl, beat the egg, oil and raspberry purée.

In a separate bowl, scale the flour and baking soda. Mix well. Add the cocoa powder and salt. Mix again.

Add the milk-lemon mixture to the working bowl.

Add the sugar to the liquid mixture and with a hand whisker, whisk lightly until dissolves.

Add the dry ingredients in two batches. When you add the first half, start string with the whisk clock wise from the centre, following a spiral path. Each time, add more and more flour. Try to add it in small portions, avoiding lumps. Add the second half and stir in the same manner. The batter you will end up with is pretty liquid like, and this is perfectly right.

Distribute the batter into the baking dish. Fill all 12 cavities equally, at least 1 cm bellow the edge of the liners. Place in the oven and bake for about 20 min. Check with a toothpick after 15 min of baking. Rotate the pan half way through baking.

Let them rest in the pan for 10 min after baking and then, transfer on a wire rack to cool completely.

for the cream-cheese frosting:

110 g unsalted butter softened
1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
300 g cream cheese
85 g confectioners' sugar
1 Tbsp heavy cream

Beat the butter until it reaches a mayonnaise consistency.

Scrape down the bottom of the bowl, add the lemon juice and beat again.

Add the cream cheese. Cream well, until completely homogenized.

Sift in the confectioners' sugar. Add the cream in the middle of the sugar. Cream well. At least once, scrape down the bottom of the bowl. Make sure that the batter-cheese is well mixed with the sugar.

Cover with wrapping foil (the foil should touch the cream) and place in the fridge for not longer than an hour.

Spoon in a piping bag with a tip of your choice.


You will need the ready raspberry purée, 12 fresh raspberries, baked cupcakes, the frosting and a pipette (maybe even a safety glasses :).

Arrange all the cupcakes on the working plate that could fit in the refrigerator. Pipe mounds or swirls (depending on the tip you are  using) on each one. Place the plate in the fridge for an hour.

Prepare your science lab. Have a pipette ready. Safety glasses are something my daughter thinks you need to wear. Take the cupcakes and raspberry purée out of the fridge.

Place one raspberry upside down over the top of the frosted cupcake. Fill the pipette with enough purée and drip some of it over the frosting. It is so much fun for the young hands to drip drops of red purée all over the white cheese cream frosting. She used one full pipette for each cupcake.

I am not sure if these cupcakes are so delicious and nicely looking because of the excitement and love Ana put in them, or because of the recipe, but they really crowned a special dinner with very close friends.

Keep them refrigerated. Serve with additionally spooned raspberry pure on the serving plate.

Bon appétit!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Chocolate Cherry mini-Cakes

These mini cakes are baked in a nonstick tartelette pans. There different type and size of tartelette pans. I chose the one with a fluted edge, that form a bit of raising at the bottom. Once the cakes are baked, I turn them upside down and have a nicely formed raised rim. I could pipe cream, or just arrange some fruits there. This allows forming an amazing mini cake with frosting and other additions as chosen.

You will need about 12 baked mini-cakes, chocolate ganache, about 250 g stoned cherries.

for the mini-cakes:
(makes about 12 mini-cakes)

50 g milk chocolate
80 ml heavy cream 35%
100 g unsalted butter
200 g sugar
2 large eggs
100 ml milk
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
250 g all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
pinch of salt

Have the chocolate in a bowl. Bring the cream to boil. Pour over the chocolate. Let stay for a while, than stir carefully to homogenize. 

Combine all dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, soda and salt in another bowl.

Beat the soft butter and the sugar till well combined to a airy fluffy mixture. Stop the mixer and scrape the mixture from the bottom of the bowl. Continue mixing - for about 3 min. 

Beat the eggs with a fork, just enough to destroy the structure of the whites. Add the eggs in small portions to the butter mixture, till well combined and homogenized. 

Beat in the chocolate-cream mixture and vanilla.

The working bowl is the one with the butter. Adding the milk and the dry ingredients to it is in three portions. Starting with the flour mixture, combine well in slow speed of the mixer (or by hand), add half of the milk and the second third of the flour, mix just till combined, again - the milk, followed by the last part of the dry ingredients. Do not over-mix, just combine well. 

Distribute the batter to the slightly grease tartelette pans. Have the batter levelled 2-3 mm below the edge, allowing the cakes to raise. Place all the cakes on a sheet pan and bake at 175C convection bake for about 15 min. Check with a toothpick.

Take the sheet pan out of the oven. Let them cool slightly until the cakes feel warm to the touch, but not hot. Remove them from the pans and arrange them on a wire rack to cool completely. 

for the dark chocolate ganache:

350 g dark chocolate
250 ml whipping cream - 35%
2 Tbsp honey
50 g butter at room temperature

Bring the cream and honey to boil.

Chop the chocolate in small pieces in a bowl. Pour over the boiling cream and let stay for 10 min. 

Stir the mixture gently with a flexible spatula, following one direction when stirring, until homogenized. Incorporate the butter.

Cover the bowl with clean wrapping foil, making sure the foil touches the ganache. Leave to cool at room temperature. Use before completely hardens.

prepare the cherries:

Pit and half the cherries.


Arrange the cakes. Pipe chocolate ganache swirls over each cake, following the shape of the cake. Until the ganache is not settled, arrange the halved cherries. Sift some confectioners' sugar over. Decorate with rose petals. Serve at room temperature. If store only for a day, store covered at room temperature. If stored longer, keep them refrigerated.


Friday, 19 September 2014

Old Fashioned Almond Cookies

These cookies are so easy to make. They do not take much of your time but you could count on a great taste. Their flavour is strong without any added extracts. While warm and fresh, they are a bit chewy or crispy and dry, when stored longer. Either way, these are extremely delicious. 

Their taste took me back to my childhood, when on my way home from school, I always stopped at the bakery for a walnut cookie. Back than, the walnuts were the most used nuts for the pastries. Walnuts are still more popular than almonds in Bulgaria. They are less expensive, because walnut trees grow there. Next time, I am definitely making these cookies with walnuts.

(for about 20 cookies 3 cm in diameter)

100 g ground almonds (almond meal)
150 g granulated sugar
1 tsp honey
2 egg whites (large eggs)

Scale the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the honey. Add the egg whites. Mix well with a wooden spoon or a flexible spatula until smooth paste is formed.

You could either use a piping bag to pipe the cookies, or spoon them on a lined with parchment paper cookie pan. Spoon about 3 cm mounds on the pan. Bake at 180°C for about 20 min, or until lightly browned.

Leave the cookies to cool in the pan. Store in an air tight container. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Raspberry Chocolate Tart

There few sorts of fruit that really go perfectly with chocolate. Cherry is my favourite.

But raspberries make chocolate desserts shine.

Raspberries ... Do you know that they take a special place in the Rose family? They do not flower so beautifully, but their flavour is as mesmerizing as the blooming rose. 

The Raspberry Room

It was solid hedge, loops of bramble and thorny   
as it had to be with its berries thick as bumblebees.   
It drew blood just to get there, but I was queen   
of that place, at ten, though the berries shook like fists   
in the wind, daring anyone to come in.  I was trying   
so hard to love this world—real rooms too big and full   
of worry to comfortably inhabit—but believing I was born
to live in that cloistered green bower: the raspberry patch   
in the back acre of my grandparents’ orchard.  I was cross-   
stitched and beaded by its fat, dollmaker’s needles.  The effort   
of sliding under the heavy, spiked tangles that tore   
my clothes and smeared me with juice was rewarded   
with space, wholly mine, a kind of room out of   
the crush of the bushes with a canopy of raspberry   
dagger-leaves and a syrup of sun and birdsong.   
Hours would pass in the loud buzz of it, blood   
made it mine—the adventure of that red sting singing   
down my calves, the place the scratches brought me to:   
just space enough for a girl to lie down.   

for the tart shell:

use half recipe of pâte sucrée 
(the one we used in the Peach tart with Almond Cream).

Follow the instructions for preparing up until the shell with the pan is refrigerated for two hours.

Line the shell with parchment paper and fill it with dry beens or ceramic pearls.

Bake at 180C for about 20-25 min until the edges become light golden.

Remove the beans. Bake for another 10-15 min. Leave to cool.

for the filling:

Chocolate Ganache

175 g dark chocolate
125 ml whipping cream
1 Tbsp dark honey
25 g butter at room temperature

Bring the cream and honey to boil.

Have the chocolate chopped in a bowl. Pour the boiling cream over the chocolate. Let stay for 5 min.

Stir the mixture gently until well homogenized and glossy ganache is formed.

Incorporate the butter. Cover the dish with cling foil. Leave at room temperature.

Use before it hardens completely.


Keep the tart in the pan while you are tailoring.

Melt 30 g of dark chocolate. Brush the bottom of the shell.

Distribute the ganache evenly in the cooled shell. Tap on the counter to remove the air bubbles.

Leave to harden at room temperature. Arrange the raspberries. 

Remove the tart from the pan. Place on a serving plate. Refrigerate.

Take out of the fridge at least an 30 min before serving.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Simple Sugar Cookies

with a hint of orange and vanilla

These are my family favourite cookies. They are all season cookies and could be flavoured in so many ways. I use orange zest. 

I make the full recipe. Cookies could be stored for weeks in an air tight container, and having them handy in a cookie jar is a great treat for my kids.

You could try half the recipe first to make sure you like them.

for the cookies:
(adapted from "Professional Baking" with Wayne Gisslen)

180 g unsalted butter
70 g vegetable shortening
grated zest from two organic oranges
310 g sugar
5 g salt
1 large egg
8 g vanilla extract
60 ml milk

625 g flour
18 g baking powder

It is very important to use non preserved organic oranges for the zest. 

Cream the butter, shortening and the zest together. Add the sugar and beat until creamy fluffy. Add the salt. Add the egg. Beat until well combined. Add the vanilla extract. and half the milk. Mix lightly. Incorporate half the flour, alternating with the other half of the milk and the rest of the flour. Do not over mix, just form the dough. 

Divide the dough in two. You could freeze half of it and use it in a week or so, after you finish the first batch of made cookies. I bake them immediately and prefer to store them baked, instead of baking later from frozen dough.

Roll out the dough between two sheets of wrapping foil. Place on a flat surface and put in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Using a cookie cutter or just a glass, cut out cookies, place in a lined with parchment paper sheet pan and bake in a preheated to 180C oven for 8-10 min, or until golden. Leave the cookies to stay in the pan for 5-8 min and remove on a wire rack to cool completely. Store in an air tight container. 

Note: You could use lemon zest, instead of orange, or substitute the zest to an almond extract or other type of extract. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Black Forest Mini Cookie Cakes

These delicious Forêt-Noires are an amazing dessert. Cherry and chocolate are a perfect combination. 

for the cherry compote:

50 ml water
90 g sugar
600 g cherries stoned
12 g pectin powder
10 g lemon juice

Mix the sugar and pectin powder. Put the water in a pan, add the cherries and bring to boil. Stir in the sugar and pectin. Cook for about 20 min over a medium heat. Leave to cool. Have some of the cherries out on a paper napkin to dry out. Pour the cherry compote in jura and close tightly. Store in a dark and cold place. Use for another desert. You could use the syrup separately to syrup Black Forest Cakes and the fruits - for scones, or other sweets. 

for the chocolate cookies:
(as per Christophe Felder recipe) 

125 g butter, softened
45 g confectioners' sugar
115 g flour
10 g cocoa
pinch of salt

Beat the butter with a wooden spoon, until creamy. Add the sugar and salt. Beat well. Incorporate the flour and cocoa and form a dough. 

Place between two sheets of wrapping foil. Press with palm. Roll out a rectangle 3 mm thick. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. The dough should be very firm. The high content of butter makes the dough difficult to handle. 

Line up a baking pan with parchment paper. Have two different size round cutters ready. Preheat the oven to 180C. 

Remove the dough from the refrigerator. Cut out the cookies, making sure that you have equal number of both sizes. Bake for about 10 min, until firm. Let cool on the baking sheet. 

for the dark chocolate mousse:
(adapted from Christophe Felder recipe)

225 ml heavy cream 35%
275 g dark chocolate 75%
120 ml milk
10 g sugar
1 egg yolk

Whip the cream and place in the fridge.

Chop the chocolate in a medium bowl. Melt it over a bain marie. 

Prepare the custard:

Bring the milk to a boil. Beat the yolk and sugar until the sugar dissolves. Whisk half of the hot milk into the yolk. Return to the pan. Cook over medium heat until thickens slightly and coats the back of the spoon. Leave to cool slightly. 

Pour the custard over the melted chocolate. Stir well to homogenize. Let it cool before adding the whipped cream.

Fold in the cream in two additions, until smooth. Chill for about 30 min, or until slightly firm. 

Spoon the mouse into a piping bag with the desired attachment. 


On a countertop, arrange the bigger biscuits. Pipe a swirl, anticipating the edge of the upper biscuit. Place a cherry in the middle. Top with the smaller biscuit. Pipe a smaller swirl. Decorate with a whole cherry. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Orange Almond Muffins

gluten free, dairy free

These muffins are extremely easy to make. Using just few ingredients you will have a healthy desert in your kid's lunch box.

for the muffins:
(makes 14 cupcake size muffins)

280 g almond meal /2 cups almonds
200 g organic cane sugar, or organic coconut sugar / 1 cup sugar
2 tsp baking powder
4 large eggs at room temperature
2 small oranges
30 g coconut butter/ or unsalted butter (it won't be dairy free if using butter)

These muffins will be baked in a water bath. Have a pan, bigger than the muffin pan you are using for this recipe. Put the muffin tin in it. Make sure that you will be able to fill with water (almost to the edge of the muffin pan). I baked them uncovered. Prepare the muffin tin. If you are using non stick pan, butter well with the coconut butter. I used paper cups for easier removal. I do not trust my pan. Removing the paper cups destroyed a bit the shape of the cakes, but that is also because the recipe uses the almond meal, instead if flour. Me and my guests did not mind that at all. 

Also, because my pan is 12-cupcake pan, I baked two cups outside the muffin pan, but still made sure that they fit in the water bath. 

Prepare the almond meal - using a food processor/grinder, process the whole, non blanched almonds until an almond meal is formed. If your processor is powerful, you could process the almonds to flour. Mine is not and I kind of like the consistency of the almond meal. Scant the meal into a bowl. Add the sugar and baking powder. Set aside.

In the food processor, pulse the pealed oranges to a purée. If you have big oranges, use one and a half. Add the butter. Pulse. Add the eggs and pulse few more times. 

Add the orange mixture to the dry ingredients. Stir with a wooden spoon or flexible spatula. The batter is really liquid-ish. That should't concern you. 

Evenly distribute the batter into the muffin cups. Fill about three quarters of each cup. These muffins will raise while baking, but will not keep the height after cooling. 

Preheat the oven to 180C. Place the double pan in the oven. Carefully, fill the outside pan with water almost until the edge of the muffin tin. Bake for about 30 min, or until the skewer comes out dry from the centre of one the muffins. 

Leave to cool slightly in the double pan. Remove the muffin tin from the water bathe. Leave the muffins to cool in the pan. Arrange the on a wire rack until completely cooled. 

Serve at room temperature.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A new pin on the map

I love autumn - there is nothing more inspiring than the colours that only autumn could paint - it is like memories imprinted in our hearts: some of them bright, that we grab, squeeze and hold in attempt of never forgetting; some - pale and flat, unmemorable, even a bit destructive. Every autumn arriving charges me with warmness and relaxation - a family season, that promises cosiness, warm drinks, light sweaters out at the porch and long talks around the fire, discussing the great summer adventures we all savoured. Yes, our summer was like a formal French style dinner with four servings: l'entrée, le plat principal, le fromage et le dessert. So much food for my memories...

It is no secret, that the dessert is very important for me - a very classy, home made, with delicately chosen and combined products, professionally executed, absolutely delicious dessert. The other three courses were magnificent in their own way, but I will share the celebration of all my senses, while savouring the dessert. 


I have been told a lot of beautiful stories about this small place. It is very easy to be found on the map, but just because this is the last edge of the Bruce Peninsula - you step in Tobermory, lean a bit forward and you can touch the water - crystal clear, turquoise, fresh water of lake Huron. The whole town is surrounded by water - it brings the feeling that the harbour itself is the town. Only about 300 people live there, and at the end of our vacation, I felt that I was leaving Tobermory, whitely envying each one of them.  My family and I, we were very happy for a week there.

My girls

I come from the beautiful country Bulgaria. It is a place where you could enjoy climbing high mountains, getting lost in the meadow of huge valleys and swim in the deep Black Sea. Lake Huron hit me with its size - it was stunning to stay at the shore, gaze the horizon and still see only water. Lakes are supposed to be smaller - I should be able to see the other end of it. This lake reminded me of my home country - I was staring at the water, listening to the song of the waves and at that moment I could swear, I was standing eight thousand kilometres away. Lake Huron is much smaller than the Black sea, but for the perception of the mind, it wasn't time for scientific comparisons. It was only: I felt with my heart what I saw with my eyes.

The harbour in Tibermory

We were so lucky to meet the amazing yacht "Sea Quell". She was there overnight and just nailed every eye with her beauty. And this was luxury beyond imagine - and at the same time pure elegance and a hint of romance. Too bad she did not sail in her full bloom, but either way, my camera was totally compassed towards her until she left the harbour next morning. 

"Sea Quell" in all her brilliance

It was an amazing adventure to take a fast boat that drove us to the "Flower Pot" island. Staring at the island from Tobermory I thought it is so easy to climb up the hiking trails. Some of them really challenge the hikers but the thirst to explore more of this beautiful place, pushes the strength.

As a part of National Fathom Marine Park, this small island is protected and somehow preserved. But the water has no mercy. In its aggressive hug, the water has sculpted unique forms, that threw human imagination into searching ways to admire them closely. This spot is in no way virgin - it is so crowded and commercialized - I did not find any inspiration here.

Bruce Peninsula National Park hides special places. Following the Brice trail here in Tobermory is an adventure enough. You could spend weeks, months even, exploring just this small part of Bruce trail. What would be to hike the whole of it - reaching Niagara, after 800 km?! I am positive, I would like to experience that one day. 

Following the shoreline, we reached at "Grotto". How I wish we would have seen it from the water! It is another exploration for another time. Grotto was now transformed into a beach like area, where people tested their adrenalin levels. It was an amazing place, that goes directly in my wish list for  my future visit, probably right after the winter, when no one would be "brave"/unreasonable enough to jump into the throat of this cave. 

Just few hundred metres away from the "Grotto", after following the rugged and rocky path of Bruce trail, we stopped our journey at the Overhanging Point. There was no one here. I have no idea why would anyone miss this formidable spot. It was literally living on the edge. The mild difference is that it was just enchanting. It is magical to step at the edge of these rough, longly treated by the water rocks. The feeling for eternity consumes you entirely.

the ferry Chi-Cheemaun that connects Tobermory with Manitoulin Island:

Tobermory is home to over twenty historic shipwrecks. We saw a few ...
There is no way to be there, at Tobermory and not visiting Cabot Head Lighthouse. Why this place is so impressive to me?! - It is maintained by volunteers and visitor's donations. The lighthouse stopped being a house a long ago and transformed into an automized light station. Despite that, people in red shirts make sure the place will keep its authentic appearance far long. It is amazing to sneak into the house and realize that lighthouse keepers actually lived there. Some of them spent more than 30 years of their life at that place, taking care of the safety of the vessels.

Oddly, the day of our visit was really foggy.

Lion's Head

Footprints on every rock - a small and invisible sign that imprints memories forever. Rocks there carry the weight of many steps, sighs, laughs and desire to concur the horizon, to reach the unreachable, to climb up the hope that behind the big rock ahead is a restful scene. Instead of catching my breath up there, over the big rock, I lost it completely. You do not breath there. You hold every other sense but the sight. Untied, the eyes run wildly, trying to capture every small move of the wind, every nuance of the turquoise water, every sound of the singing white cypresses.

This was the most amazing place in our whole vacation.

Before we found the hiking trail, we were swallowed by the depth of the blue. The colours spoke here. The blue of the sky and the blue of the water were in undefined contrast. It was quiet and peaceful.

Once a part of Ontario Provincial Parks, now - a Provincial Nature Reserve, this hiking area, small piece of Bruce trail would never to be missed by nature lovers. It will lead you to spots, where the height would have no dimension. Everything you see, looking down is pure turquoise. And the way the sun and water play together is not a trick to the eyes, but storytelling clear picture.

No wonder it attracts climbers from every corner of the continent.

Even the houses in Lion's Head lack the sense of limits. Everything here is shoreless. 

The house

We had the most wonderful accommodation - feeling home far from home. The house was just amazing - hidden in between large trees, as if we were in the middle of the forest, and at the same time, so close to the lake. Every little detail in and around the house was perfectly selected to remind you that your life on dry land does not count for a house stay being. Here, the spirit sails, fishes, dives, swims and does only activities, that charges the soul with sensational freedom. We loved that house - we felt it ours.

We were lucky to meet our landlords. There was no doubt why the house was so cosy, warm, welcoming and charming. It was a perfect reflection of their personality. One of these people, that you feel blessed about, crossing your life road with theirs.


This was the small path, that led to the shore. I took it every single night at 7:45 for a week, to step down at the water and wait for the sun to go behind the horizon, painting warmly the sky. My kids called me "the sunset hunter". How could you miss this inspirational moments, when they are just next to you?! 

We are not going back to the house, not before waving Good bye to the Chi Cheemaun ferry on its way to Manitoulun Island:

Going back... for a nice bonfire and delicious s'mores...

Here, in Tobermory, everything was magical. Every day I became closer to my soul. I earned so much hope and inspiration, to keep me a better person until next time I come back.

Here, you can hold the sun in your hand...

Here, the stars are countless...

Here, you realize, that your life is a small particle of the eternity, and that is why - important. So live it well!