Thursday, 9 May 2013

Easter Table

Easter Story

A colourful Orthodox Easter, celebrated home was a way of celebrating the long waited Spring. She has rushed through the doors of our backyards, has invaded spaces, has poured rejuvenated rain, has kissed the trees and sat on the ground to rest. Her warmth wakes the animals and arouses the flowers, kindles the colours, brings happiness and love in our souls. We are blessed!

What better way to celebrate Spring but with colours. She has a lot on her own. And the green... Oh, my God, the green comes from Heaven. It is a canvas where the Spring brushes all the other colours in a magnificent colourful embroidery. What has left for us is an inspiration, desire and love.


In the distant woods are blowing
Tender buds and blossoms sweet,
Fragrant Leaves and grasses glowing
From the touch of fairy feet.
In the woods a spirit singing
Stays and touches every tree,
And to loving branches clinging
Flowers open tremblingly.

by Dollie Radford

I feel alive, rich and existing. My eyes hurt from the green but I open them wider, my hands hurt from hugging the land but I squeeze even tighter. My senses are blessed!


The lawn green silk is softly drawn
About the garden beds,
Pinned here and there with daisy disks,
And dandelion's heads.
O! I would be a thing with wings 
Forgotten or despised!
If only I might fly an hour
Under the warmSpring skies!

by Nellie Seelye Evans

My spring is celebrated with orange sugar cookies. I used the nicely organized and generously provided tutorial by Amber @ SweetAmbs for making the roses bloom on my cookies in a great celebration of Orthodox Easter. I would highly recommend to visit her artistic and inspiring place - there is a lot to be learned there.

The cake is not just an addition (neither the cookies). Everything is a part of the core of the Spring.

Easter Cake

1 recipe plain Genoise Cake (omit the butter)

Cut the baked cake in three (after levelling the top of the cake - discard the top, or dry it use for crumbs if you will need to make a crumbling for some other recipe). Colour the Butter Cream as desired and ice  each cake level. Refrigerate the cake for at least two hours. Ice the whole cake. Decorate with small cookies, gum-paste flowers or Butter Cream piped flowers. The decoration totally depends on the way you wish to celebrate.

Note: The quantity of the Buttercream may look too much, but for being able to ice the cake nicely, you will need extra cream. Also, if you use some cream for piping a decoration, that quantity will work wonderfully. In my event Easter Table, I used the extra quantity of the Cream for decorating the flowery shaped cupcakes with small rosettes.

Easter Bread

The recipe for it here.

There are colours, flowers, bird songs, aromas and joy, but what is everything without loved people. The party would be incomplete. 

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