Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Poire Bordaloue

This pear tart is a twist of the traditional 'Entremets Bourdeloue', created in mid XIX (th) century in Paris. The 'Entremets Bourdaloue' is a sweet pastry crust, filled with almond cream. A century later the tarts started being made with all kind of different fruit fillings. Some of them only have sweet crust and fruit with caramelized sugar or thick syrup, others are combination of cream and fruits.

I made tart with almond cream few times already and I have to admit, I like a lot the traditional 'Entremets Bourdeloue'. I used the combination of almond cream and the fruit in the Peach Tart. And the tarts with the almond cream and fruit never disappoint. 

In this case, I have decided to make the tart with poached pears and fresh vanilla. The result is just a majestic explosion of flavour - the pears, poached in vanilla infused sugar syrup are the queens of the delicacy. Enhance the senses by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream! 

I hope you are having a flavourful day!
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♥ Ivelina