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A new pin on the map

I love autumn - there is nothing more inspiring than the colours that only autumn could paint - it is like memories imprinted in our hearts: some of them bright, that we grab, squeeze and hold in attempt of never forgetting; some - pale and flat, unmemorable, even a bit destructive. Every autumn arriving charges me with warmness and relaxation - a family season, that promises cosiness, warm drinks, light sweaters out at the porch and long talks around the fire, discussing the great summer adventures we all savoured. Yes, our summer was like a formal French style dinner with four servings: l'entrée, le plat principal, le fromage et le dessert. So much food for my memories...

It is no secret, that the dessert is very important for me - a very classy, home made, with delicately chosen and combined products, professionally executed, absolutely delicious dessert. The other three courses were magnificent in their own way, but I will share the celebration of all my senses, while savouring the dessert. 


I have been told a lot of beautiful stories about this small place. It is very easy to be found on the map, but just because this is the last edge of the Bruce Peninsula - you step in Tobermory, lean a bit forward and you can touch the water - crystal clear, turquoise, fresh water of lake Huron. The whole town is surrounded by water - it brings the feeling that the harbour itself is the town. Only about 300 people live there, and at the end of our vacation, I felt that I was leaving Tobermory, whitely envying each one of them.  My family and I, we were very happy for a week there.

My girls

I come from the beautiful country Bulgaria. It is a place where you could enjoy climbing high mountains, getting lost in the meadow of huge valleys and swim in the deep Black Sea. Lake Huron hit me with its size - it was stunning to stay at the shore, gaze the horizon and still see only water. Lakes are supposed to be smaller - I should be able to see the other end of it. This lake reminded me of my home country - I was staring at the water, listening to the song of the waves and at that moment I could swear, I was standing eight thousand kilometres away. Lake Huron is much smaller than the Black sea, but for the perception of the mind, it wasn't time for scientific comparisons. It was only: I felt with my heart what I saw with my eyes.

The harbour in Tibermory

We were so lucky to meet the amazing yacht "Sea Quell". She was there overnight and just nailed every eye with her beauty. And this was luxury beyond imagine - and at the same time pure elegance and a hint of romance. Too bad she did not sail in her full bloom, but either way, my camera was totally compassed towards her until she left the harbour next morning. 

"Sea Quell" in all her brilliance

It was an amazing adventure to take a fast boat that drove us to the "Flower Pot" island. Staring at the island from Tobermory I thought it is so easy to climb up the hiking trails. Some of them really challenge the hikers but the thirst to explore more of this beautiful place, pushes the strength.

As a part of National Fathom Marine Park, this small island is protected and somehow preserved. But the water has no mercy. In its aggressive hug, the water has sculpted unique forms, that threw human imagination into searching ways to admire them closely. This spot is in no way virgin - it is so crowded and commercialized - I did not find any inspiration here.

Bruce Peninsula National Park hides special places. Following the Brice trail here in Tobermory is an adventure enough. You could spend weeks, months even, exploring just this small part of Bruce trail. What would be to hike the whole of it - reaching Niagara, after 800 km?! I am positive, I would like to experience that one day. 

Following the shoreline, we reached at "Grotto". How I wish we would have seen it from the water! It is another exploration for another time. Grotto was now transformed into a beach like area, where people tested their adrenalin levels. It was an amazing place, that goes directly in my wish list for  my future visit, probably right after the winter, when no one would be "brave"/unreasonable enough to jump into the throat of this cave. 

Just few hundred metres away from the "Grotto", after following the rugged and rocky path of Bruce trail, we stopped our journey at the Overhanging Point. There was no one here. I have no idea why would anyone miss this formidable spot. It was literally living on the edge. The mild difference is that it was just enchanting. It is magical to step at the edge of these rough, longly treated by the water rocks. The feeling for eternity consumes you entirely.

the ferry Chi-Cheemaun that connects Tobermory with Manitoulin Island:

Tobermory is home to over twenty historic shipwrecks. We saw a few ...
There is no way to be there, at Tobermory and not visiting Cabot Head Lighthouse. Why this place is so impressive to me?! - It is maintained by volunteers and visitor's donations. The lighthouse stopped being a house a long ago and transformed into an automized light station. Despite that, people in red shirts make sure the place will keep its authentic appearance far long. It is amazing to sneak into the house and realize that lighthouse keepers actually lived there. Some of them spent more than 30 years of their life at that place, taking care of the safety of the vessels.

Oddly, the day of our visit was really foggy.

Lion's Head

Footprints on every rock - a small and invisible sign that imprints memories forever. Rocks there carry the weight of many steps, sighs, laughs and desire to concur the horizon, to reach the unreachable, to climb up the hope that behind the big rock ahead is a restful scene. Instead of catching my breath up there, over the big rock, I lost it completely. You do not breath there. You hold every other sense but the sight. Untied, the eyes run wildly, trying to capture every small move of the wind, every nuance of the turquoise water, every sound of the singing white cypresses.

This was the most amazing place in our whole vacation.

Before we found the hiking trail, we were swallowed by the depth of the blue. The colours spoke here. The blue of the sky and the blue of the water were in undefined contrast. It was quiet and peaceful.

Once a part of Ontario Provincial Parks, now - a Provincial Nature Reserve, this hiking area, small piece of Bruce trail would never to be missed by nature lovers. It will lead you to spots, where the height would have no dimension. Everything you see, looking down is pure turquoise. And the way the sun and water play together is not a trick to the eyes, but storytelling clear picture.

No wonder it attracts climbers from every corner of the continent.

Even the houses in Lion's Head lack the sense of limits. Everything here is shoreless. 

The house

We had the most wonderful accommodation - feeling home far from home. The house was just amazing - hidden in between large trees, as if we were in the middle of the forest, and at the same time, so close to the lake. Every little detail in and around the house was perfectly selected to remind you that your life on dry land does not count for a house stay being. Here, the spirit sails, fishes, dives, swims and does only activities, that charges the soul with sensational freedom. We loved that house - we felt it ours.

We were lucky to meet our landlords. There was no doubt why the house was so cosy, warm, welcoming and charming. It was a perfect reflection of their personality. One of these people, that you feel blessed about, crossing your life road with theirs.


This was the small path, that led to the shore. I took it every single night at 7:45 for a week, to step down at the water and wait for the sun to go behind the horizon, painting warmly the sky. My kids called me "the sunset hunter". How could you miss this inspirational moments, when they are just next to you?! 

We are not going back to the house, not before waving Good bye to the Chi Cheemaun ferry on its way to Manitoulun Island:

Going back... for a nice bonfire and delicious s'mores...

Here, in Tobermory, everything was magical. Every day I became closer to my soul. I earned so much hope and inspiration, to keep me a better person until next time I come back.

Here, you can hold the sun in your hand...

Here, the stars are countless...

Here, you realize, that your life is a small particle of the eternity, and that is why - important. So live it well!

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maya said...

много интересно!
Пренесох се на това място, почувствах го, усетих свежестта на водата, уюта на горската къщичка, стоицизма на къщата с фара, вашето спокойствие, безвремието, силата на скалите, красотата на залезите, а звездите.... о, тяхното въздействие не може да се побере в просто една дума!
Снимките са толкова изразителни, сякаш са живи!
Пожелавам ти по-често да откриваш такива прекрасни места и да "отвеждаш" и нас там!
Целувки от Маи <3