Monday, 12 December 2016

"Twelve Days till Christmas" Cake

12 days till Christmas! And the snow has just arrived!!! 

It is so clean out there... 

It is white! It is quiet! Our every day running is slowing down - our hearts beat normal. Our worries got buried under the heavy blanket. 
The Earth is moving at a normal pace. The air is so crisp and clean - the children's laughter is ringing, the tree branches are singing, the birds wings are drawing pictures in the clouds. The chimneys' smoke is knitting a sweater to the wind. The footprints are writing a poem.
It is so white! Our souls are sparkling white! We are better people! It feels like rebirth and a white beginning. It feels like a fairytale. It feels like a miracle.
12 days till Christmas! The white canvas out there temptingly invite us to write our story, to make our wishes, because the magical season has started. 

Happy Christmas, everyone! What did you wish for today?

My seasonal Christmas cake - surely very much chocolaty, and garnished with vanilla soft hearted, crunchy topped mini puffs. It is very warming and dreamy...

for the cake:

use one recipe of  Genoise cake

Note: I baked most of the batter in the 15 cm (6') cake pan. I also used a small amount from the batter to bake a thin layer of cake at 20 cm (8') cake pan. I need the extra 20 cm layer for future project. You could bake the whole batter in the 15 cm cake pan, building a 'wall' of parchment paper inside the pan and your cake will be 5 layers, instead of four; or you could use a 20 cm cake pan and make not so high cake of three layers. 

for the chocolate ganache:

400 g heavy cream - 35%
250 g milk chocolate - 30%
150 g dark chocolate - 75%
50 g butter

prepare the chocolate ganache:

1. Bring the cream and the sugar to boil.
2. Have the chocolate chopped in small pieces in a bowl.
3. Pour the boiling cream over. Let it stay for 5-6 min.
4. Stir carefully with a silicon spatula to incorporate any cream until the ganache is smooth and glossy.
5. Stir in the softened butter. Cover with plastic foil and let harden to piping consistency at room temperature.


1. With a serrated knife, cut the cake in 4 layers.
2. Spread the ganache evenly between the layers, leaving just enough to cover the cake and make some rosettes for decoration.
3. Decorate as desired.
4. Refrigerate.
5. Before serving, make sure you temper the cake at room temperature.

Have a chocolate Christmas, everyone!

♥ IN

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cakespy said...

Dear cake, I love choux! ha! Seriously, this is a gorgeous specimen of cake hood. I can only imagine how magical this would make a dinner party!