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My name is Ivelina. I was born in a very small, but disproportionally to its size beautiful country Bulgaria. I spent all my young life there. I moved with my family to Canada, where I discovered the rural and virgin beauty of this country in some corners of its geography. It is an amazing, charging inspiration every where.

I am a true believer in already clichéd, overused thought "The Beauty will save the world" and try to find it everywhere - in a meaningful word, in a silent sigh, in the rising sun, in a blooming flower, in a singing bird, in a warm touch, in a golden star, in angry wind, in a drop of pouring rain, in a shared piece of chocolate,  in sadness and in happiness, in disappointment and in gracefulness. I keep my eyes open and all my senses scan constantly the world for inspirations. And they are everywhere. But the most inspiring of all is the Beauty. 

I am a Food Scientist and a food lover. Cooking for me is an art and I believe, that food shouldn't be just eaten, but savoured - every ingredient has a story to tell. My strong and the most loved food is the chocolate. This is my specialty, I know how to make chocolate, that is why I appreciate it very much. Chocolate is a delicate product and it requires significant skills to be made properly. It is like a poem - comes from the heart. 

There is one food I love more than chocolate - my family. My two crazy beautiful girls and my husband are food for my inspiration. They are my heart work and my soul art. I am blessed!

I love what I do. I love doing it. 

Besides cooking, I love traveling and hiking. I love sewing and embroidering, knitting and crocheting. I like crafting cards and decorative elements. I also run the blog "With a Needle and Thread"  

I love poetry. 

I wish I was born in 50s. I like vintage style. I love the elegance of the life from this period.

The world is my home. And there is no better place, than home for me. 


Unknown said...

Привет Ивелина.
Днес случайно попаднах на блога ти, чрез Google+.
До сега се скитах из него, четох и разглеждах... и много ми хареса!!!
С удоволствие ще наминавам и в бъдеще! Толкова е красиво!
Сега отивам да разгледам и "With a Needle and Thread" и понеже стилът ти е прекрасен, съм сигурна че и там много ще ми хареса!!!

Поздрав най-сърдечен от слънчев Кипър!
Maria Miteva-Christou

Ivelina said...

О, Мария,

много мило съобщение! Благодаря ти много за топлите думи. Радвам се, че ти харесва моето кътче.
Виждам, че с теб споделяме общи интереси - щастлива съм, че можем да общуваме и обменяме идеи.
Твоята слънчева кухня ще ми носи вдъхновение за през студените зимни дни в Канада.